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OSX support

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Many users wish support for OSX. This issue is to track the progress.

The prerequisites are:

  • Stick with C# as programming language to avoid rewriting PresetMagician from scratch, and being able to share code between both platforms. Using Xamarin.Mac, it's possible to develop native Mac OS X applications using C#.
  • Acquiring Mac hardware capable of running the latest Mac OS X version. I know that it's possible to run OS X inside a virtual machine, but the legal status of doing so is questionable at best. Providing PresetMagician as commercial software means that I'm not only responsible to avoid legal problems, but also to the PresetMagician user base.

The coarse roadmap is:

  • Porting to .NET Core and porting the C++ portion of to OS X
  • Refactoring the code of PresetMagician so that most of the code can run using .NET Core. This means that only the GUI code of PresetMagician will remain platform-specific
  • Implement the GUI for PresetMagician Mac OS X using Xamarin.Mac

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first step:

try to build a c# interop version for osx.

Some information regarding C# interop for OSX:

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Interesting documentation regarding C++ and .NET interop:

especially that data used in SSE operations need to be aligned, even if marshalled from C#



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